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About the museum

The Antonina Leśniewska Museum of Pharmacy was founded in 1985. It has been a division of the Museum of Warsaw since 2002. The museum is named after the founder of the first pharmacy in the world that employed exclusively women. Antonina Leśniewska (1866–1937) took up the (long and eventually successful!) fight for the access to higher education in pharmaceutical sciences for women.

Our new core exhibition (opened on 6 September 2017) is called Res Pharmaceuticae (The Pharmaceutical Things). Visit us to

– see a beautifully reconstructed interior of a Polish pharmacy from the 1920s and 1930s;

– explore a behind-the-scenes laboratory of pharmacists from the past;

– get to know the secrets of making medicines, poisons and drugs;

– explore the history of conducting chemical experiments and inventions that shook up the world;

– follow the evolution of colourful pharmacy glass containers;

– marvel at the extraordinary Japanese Kampo pharmaceuticals;

– get to know the amazing life story of Antonina Leśniewska.